Gil Bellows was born on June 28th 1967 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Little is known about his early childhood, except that he was fascinated with acting since his early years. At 18, he moved to Pasadena to study at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Later, he got involved in stage work, mostly on the East Coast, including plays such as "King Lear" and "The Diary of Anne Frank". He loved theater, and it would get him success not just professionally. In 1991, at the Williamstown Theater Festival, he met future wife Rya Kihlstedt (who was, btw, an actress also, notable for "making the mistake of" taking a role in the one-sequel-too-far comedy, "Home Alone 3", as well as other stuff...). On Valentine's Day, 1994, Bellows proposed - Kihlstedt accepted, and in the words of Gil in TV Guide they sealed their engagement with "passionate sex". (Very nice tidbit of info, thanks for sharing...). As his personal life started to get on the right track, so did his career: he got bits and pieces of parts on primetime hits such as "Law & Order", and a couple of big-screen and big-time movie gigs such as the 1994 prison saga "The Shawshank Redemption"... This was the role that got attention drawn to him, and though the critics weren't too thrilled, the movie-making execs were. The following year he landed a role opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in "Miami Rhapsody", with more roles coming such as "Love and a .45" and "Looking for Richard".... 1997 was the "tons-of-seemingly-good-parts-but-no-one-really-cares" year for Bellows, as he got parts on little-seen flicks "Dinner at Fred's","The Assistant","Snow White: A Tale of Terror" and etc. The dreamy, romantic and can't-quite-get-my-life-together Billy Alan Thomas was his savior, a role that catapulted him into big-time big-screen and finally-someone-cares roles such as "Juda's Kiss", where his co-star is no less than Emma Thompson. The media later referred to his Billy as "the perfect example of a marriage between actor and character."... Up until the third season when Billy suddenly had to bleach his hair & pierce his ear, Gil was getting it easy: since his character was nice, attractive, sort of messed up but not really, and NOT a face-bra inventor, toilet-flusher carrier, wattle fetishist or a nightclub singer, no one was really bugging him about anything, whether it was character-related or actor-related (he has no buzzing back story to reveal, no weight rumors to spread about him, and no "he's not a positive role model" crap bugging him)... And he seems very, VERY happy even now, when the majority of "Ally" fans hates his character's guts... He currently lives with Rya in L.A. & they have a baby daughter (5-6 months old)... Let's wish him luck... Who knows: he might need it...

Gil Bellows: Selected Credits
    *Juda's Kiss (1999) - Lizard Browning
    *Dinner at Fred's (shelved) - Richard
    *Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997) - Will
    *Looking For Richard (1996)
    *The Substance Of Fire (1996) - Val Chenard
    *Miami Rhapsody (1995) - Matt
    *Black Day Blue Night (1995) - Hitchhiker Dodge
    *Silver Strand (1995) - Brian Del Piso
    *Love and a .45 (1994) - Watty Watts
    *The Shawshank Redemption (1994) - Tommy Williams