Greg Germann (pronounced with a hard "g", in case you were wondering) was born in Houston, TX, and raised in the suburbs of Denver. As a child, he was a class clown, the kind of guy who all the girls wanted... for a friend, unfortunately.... While his father was working on his graduate theatre degree and directing plays on campus, the family lived in Austin, TX. The first time he wanted to act was around the age of 5, when he saw his brother in a play written by his father. Greg majored in theater at the University of Northern Colorado, and after that, like many future co-stars, headed for NYC. On Broadway he played in Neil Simon's "Biloxi Blues", which got him noticed by the future producers of "Assasins", a big Broadway hit that Greg starred in as John Hinkley. He can also be heard on the cast recording, since this is a musical... In the mid-80s, he started finding work on both screens: big and small... He stayed in NYC, but occasionally went to Hollywood for filmings ("So I Married An Axe Murderer", "Clear and Present Danger" & "Once Around" are some of his feature film gigs)... He made numerous TV appearances as well, including a 1986 role on "L.A. Law", where he first got to meet David E. Kelley. In 1994, he won his first continuing role on "Sweet Justice" (which was basically good, but the Neilsens that came in weren't, so it was cancelled after one season), which came before his gig as Eric on the Fox comedy "Ned & Stacey" (1995-1997). 1997 marked another important date in his life: that year a son, Asa, was born to him and his wife, Christine Mourad. Greg also had an interest in writing scripts himself, and in 1997 an independent film, "Pete's Garden", both written and directed by him, was shown at the well-known Sundance Festival. After that, he got another script and another audition to go to... This time, the show was "Ally McBeal". From the start, his hopes were high... "I knew it was an extremely well-written pilot - and I knew most of the other cast members from the theater in New York," he told E!Online. "So, with all that going for us, I was certain we were doomed.", he jokes. Well, not quite "doomed" as of yet. Greg called his character "guileless" and "unapologetic" (oh-so-true), who from the start worked for the audience wonderfully, spouting "Fishisms" and fingering wattles, and besides that being the object of many women's sexual desires... (add to that being able to make love to Ling twice in the same day! New record...). Now, his career finally clicked... And by all means, he's happy...

Greg Germann - Selected Credits


*Ally (1999-?) - Richard Fish
*Ally McBeal (1997-?) - Richard Fish
*Ned & Stacey (1995-97) - Eric Moyer
*Remember WENN (1996) - Arden Sage
*Ellen (1994-96) - Rick (in several episodes)
*Assault At West Point (1994) - Bailey
*L.A Law (1993; 1986)
*Taking The Heat (1993) - Assistant Kennedy
*Equal Justice (1990)
*Tour of Duty (1989-90) - Lieutenant Beller (in several episodes)


*Jesus's Son (1999) - Dr. Shanis
*Clear And Present Danger (1994) - Petey
*I.Q. (1994) - Reporter
*Imaginary Crimes (1994) - Mr. Drew
*The Night We Never Met (1993) - Eddie
*So I Married An Axe Murderer (1993) - Desk Clerk
*Big And Mean (1991)
*Once Around (1991) - Jim Redstone
*Child's Play 2 (1990) - Mattson
*Miss Firecracker (1989) - Ronnie Wayne
*The Whoopee Boys (1986) - Tipper
*Streetwalkin' (1984) - Creepy

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