~*~*My Stuff*~*~

OK, so I got bored with having *JUST* "Ally" stuff on my site, & decided to add something directly from me... The "About Me" section was just standard, this is something I can actually have fun with:)

Sooo... here goes:

*Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? - [from an x-phile's point of view]*
- courtesy of ProzacQueen:)

*What We've Learned From The X-Files - [from a shipper's point of view]*
- courtesy of fallenangel_717:)

*Quotes from women's T-Shirts*
- courtesy of somebody who's name I don't remember & XPhileFanatic:)

*Friends Pics* - a tribute to the bright & funny side of my each & every day:)

*X-Files Pics* - you know:)

*Some crap I decided to write* - don't ask:)

*Pics of ugly me & my beautiful friends:)*