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Jan. 12th, 2001:
This week is just full of surprises, isn't it? :o) My flights from KCI to Chicago and then from Chicago to Frankfurt were both first delayed, then cancelled, so I'm staying until the 17th! Woo-hoo! More time here means more 'Net time, more "Ally"/XF eps and LOTS more shopping! :o) I'm a very happy camper right now... Love all, ~Alex~

Jan. 11th, 2001:
Surprise surprise! :o) No, you aren't mistaken - it's a new design. Totally spontaneous, I didn't even plan this. I was playing around with codes last night, and... the idea just kinda popped into my head. Tell me whatcha think over e-mail, take the survey or even sign the guestbook if you wish. Hope you like it!

Calista Flockhart adopts!
Happy Mom "'Ally McBeal' star Calista Flockhart secretly adopted a son, born on New Year's Eve, reports the 'New York Post'..." writes TV Guide. Read the full story!

Award Shows - Watch/Vote
"Ally"'s up in 7 noms at the TV Guide Awards, so go vote now!!! Also catch the Golden Globe Awards Jan. 21st (Sun.) on NBC! (See what Nominations "Ally" has, or see what the show has won!)

Where do I go from here?
Don't worry, everything's exactly the same. If you know what you're looking for, go straight that section. If you're simply browsing around, I'd recommend you check out the galleries or the articles, or even the quotes. Don't forget to stop by the fanfic section!

I'm going back to Russia, as it now turns out, the 17th, and though I really hope I can update quite often, I really can't promise anything until I get my own computer over there (which will be soon, believe me). However, I will *not* abandon this site:) Just so ya know...

Upcoming Episodes Jan. 15th: The Ex-Files
-Jan. 21st: Golden Globe Awards on NBC-
Jan. 22nd: Mr. Bo
Feb. 5th: Hats Off to Larry

Mommy McBeal?!
Dyan Cannon Goin' Back to Ally
Thorne-Smith, Hubby Split

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Is Ms. de Rossi *really* pregnant?

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